In My Dream

I erect cigarrette castles
In wet sandscape
Shaped like screaming faces

I walk backwards
To see from my spine's
A staggered pace
Is the toll

Under a misshaped moon
The Beforelife is rapping
For entry
Into the bodies of the breathing
I know
Not to answer to strangers

Machines are composed
Of weary bellows
We are trained to keep to ourselves
I bellow back from my belly
When I am alone so they know
They aren't ignored
By everyone

You only tell me
You love me
Without words
Those eight letters
Do not yet exist
In any language
Of fingerprints
Or parted lips
Do not stop showing me
I couldn't recognize
It in any other form
But our scarred

I am aroused
By the whimper
Of lapping waves
Ushering me near
By wet foam
Those are formless mouths
When you swim
We believe ourselves alone
It is easier that way
This is not a matter
Of truth

The only way to anchor our suffering
Is to dig the heels
Into any surface with give
You cannot exercise this method
In a lover
Skin holds too little
Takes too much

I don't recognize faces
But I feel your gaze
In my intestines
We are simpler this way
You no longer look at me
Only through
When retreat is impassable
I can't offer you my spine to speak to
It's a discarded voice
Vocal chords are so

In my Dream


April 18th, 2016