The Crow

Shimmer, shimmer, little crow!
How I wonder at your woe!
Down below the world you soar,
Like a brilliant beast of lore.

When the seething sun is set,
When the hour has come to bet,
Then you show your little might,
Shimmer, shimmer, all the blight.

Then the orphan in your maw
Thanks you for your tiny caw;
They could not hear which way to go,
If you did not call them so.

In the onyx apple tree you shook,
And often unashamed I would look,
Your three eyes batter least
‘Till the sun has risen east.

As your might and tiny caw
Blights the orphan in your maw,
Though I know not when you’ll go,
Shimmer, shimmer, little crow.

June 26 2015